Red Arrow feature

When I was young I would make Airfix planes with my father, and always thought it to be a great bonding project. I gifted my son his first kit for Christmas, which we’ve worked on bit by bit and completed recently.

Working on his plane model
Following instructions to glue pieces together

Much like a design project that involves following brand guidelines, this sort of project requires patience and a keen eye for detail – following instructions closely, ensuring that the correct colour paint is used for its respective panels, and checking that pieces are glued together to specification. All important aspects to be sure that the model made is as expected.

Airfix RAF Red Arrows Gnat model
The completed model

I gave a little help and guidance, and held the pieces in the right position to glue and add stickers once he’d told me where he was to put them (oh and knife work, of course!).

My son completed his first aeroplane model with flying colours (hehe) and, I hope, learnt some valuable lessons in patience and precision. He’s chuffed, and his Red Arrow is now proudly hanging from his bedroom ceiling ready to begin a dog fight!

Red Arrow model hanging from ceiling
The first of many new ceiling decorations?

If you have brand guidelines that must be adhered to, you can be safe in the knowledge that I will ensure that the solution to your next project will be to the high standard that you expect. Get in touch today – I’d be happy to discuss it with you!

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