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What do you do if a music album or track is missing that crucial piece of artwork when adding to your music library? Perhaps it doesn’t exist at all. Well, if you’re me, the first thing you think to do is create your own! I like to be in-keeping with the artists’ visual style for the time of release – such as their logos, typefaces (as close as I can get) and general art and layout direction.

It’s no secret that I’m a massive Linkin Park fan, and this is where custom artworks have come in to play the most. Be it a remix, an attended live show’s ‘Digital Souvenir Package’, or a compilation I’ve made myself; having artwork in my music library is a must.

Custom Linkin Park Live Show Album Artworks
Custom Linkin Park Live Show Album Artworks

As part of the band’s Hybrid Theory 20th Anniversary celebration, five audio CDs were included featuring new album covers exclusive to the box set, designed by long time collaborator Frank Maddocks. Though one album – their debut EP released under their previous name, Hybrid Theory – was only included on vinyl featuring the original artwork. Now, what to do about that then?!

Linkin Park "Hybrid Theory 20th Anniversary" Covers
Official Linkin Park “Hybrid Theory 20th Anniversary” Covers >

As can be seen above, the style for the packaged covers feature muted colours, distressed textures, and elements from the original album artwork – so that was my starting point. I found a free texture to use as a base, along with grabbing a copy of the EP’s original artwork. A high-resolution version of the Anniversary artwork served for the band name and album title overlay that I could edit with the correct title.

Having combined all of these elements, below is the finished result. I’m rather pleased with the outcome for this artwork, and feel that it slots in comfortably with the rest of the covers.

Custom Linkin Park "Hybrid Theory EP" Artwork
Custom Linkin Park “Hybrid Theory EP” Artwork

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